Admission and Withdrawal
  • To ensure regularity, medical appointments should be made on the weekly holiday. Should this not be possible and the appointment has to be made on a school day prior permission must be taken from the Principal.
  • No leave of absence will be given without a previously written application from the parents. Pupils who have been 38 absent from class for some unforeseen reason or who come late must have the reason entered in the Regularity Record, stating briefly the cause of the absence or delay. (Reasons of a private nature may be submitted in a letter). All are expected to be in school at 7.45 A.M. Disciplinary action will have to be taken against frequent offenders.
  • Attendance is compulsory on certain days of the academic year :
    1. 1. Non-teaching, activity days : like Republic Day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day etc.
    2. 2. A fortnight before every major examination, before the end of a term and at the start of a new term
    3. 3. A school working day amidst several public holidays.
  • In case of a long-term illness, the parent must personally inform the Principal about the nature and likely duration of the pupil’s illness.
  • Parents should inform the school authorities if their child is suffering from any serious illness, chronic ailment, physical handicap or sensory defect (e.g. heart disorder or epilepsy). In case of Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps or any other such contagious diseases, the parents are advised to maintain a quarantine period of 21 days before the child is sent back to school, along with a doctor’s certificate.
  • Notice of withdrawal of a pupil must be given in writing one calendar month in advance or a monthʼs fees paid in lieu of notice. Vacancies are not normally kept open for children who go away for a long period during the School year.
  • A list of holidays for the current year is printed in this diary. All are expected to attend school on the opening day after each vacation. Parents are requested not to take their children on vacation before the set date and not to extend these vacations. Pupils not attending punctually after holidays are liable to have their names struck off the rolls. If they are re-admitted they must pay the Admission fee again.
  • Transfer Certificates (School Leaving Certificate) will be issued when all dues have been paid in full and on receipt of a written application from the parents mentioning therein the date of birth/admission, name, class, section of the pupil Parents and pupils must comply with the requirements and regulations of the school.