School Uniforms

The School Uniform is compulsory and students should come to school wearing a neat and correct uniform. School uniform is to be worn only during school hours or when engaged in official school activities.

School uniform should be as follows:

Pre-Prep to I : Beige colour pinafore skirt.
Sky blue blouse (Back buttons).
P.T. Uniform : (Check in school)
II to V : Umbrella cut skirt & blouse
Skirt : Beige colour
Blouse : Sky blue
Pre-Prep to V : Winter leggings should be Sky Blue or White.
P.T. Uniform : (Check in school)
VI to X : Umbrella cut skirt & blouse
Skirt : Beige colour
Blouse : Sky blue
P.T. Uniform : White box pleated skirt & house colours in
between Monogram LCR in blue on the pocket.
XI & XII : Skirt : Beige colour skirt – pleated.
Blouse : Sky blue blouse.

School badge must be purchased from the school and worn daily.

Personal property e.g. books; cardigans, bags etc should bear the name of owner. Hair below shoulder length should be neatly plaited and kept clean. No coloured clips, bands or comb should be worn – only white is permitted. No jewellery except small ear 42 studs or earrings should be worn. Nails should be neatly cut. No coloured nail varnish is allowed on fingernails or toe nails. Mehendi on the hands without the previous permission from the Principal is strictly forbidden.