Superior's Message
Superior's Message

It is with great joy that I returned to Ranchi on the 16th of March 2016. When I left here as Principal in 2013, I had no idea that I would return here to serve what I loved most, the Parents, Teachers and students of this wonderful school. Not only that, there are various other friends and well wishers in the greater part of Ranchi who welcomed me warmly when I returned. I knew then that my work was not in vain in the 3 years I was here earlier.

Loreto Ranchi as I have known it, has very high standards of excellence, the girls are good and have for years been trained in every sphere. The other day when we had our fete I was overjoyed to see so many Past Pupils come to say hello to me. They really make my life worthwhile, with all their news,joy and happiness at having come to their Alma Mater.

Sometimes, when I walk round the school, I am met very often with someone who lost their mother, or their father in really tragic circumstances. They remember how caring and compassionate I was with them and this helps me to know that they still remember it after all these years. I could go on and on but it suffices to just give you a message at the end.

Enjoy life, students, to the full. Try to dream the impossible dream and be ready to pay the price to make it come true. Loreto is precious- so live by what you are taught here and by what Mary Ward our Foundress dreamt for you when she said "Women in time to come will do much". Those women are you. Live your life with dignity and as you enjoy life think of the poor and the downtrodden always, for they are our brothers and sisters. The Lord loves each you and so do we.

With my support and love as always to all in Loreto Ranchi.

Sr. Marion Vase