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In 1942, the priest of Doranda Fr. De-Muelder S.J. invited the Loreto Sisters to open an English Medium School in his Parish, with prospects of heavy industry developing in Ranchi and recruitment of personnel on an all-India basis, English would be essential. The sisters explored the possibility of purchasing a suitable site and found that Doranda House, owned by the Misses Cloete, was for sale. The deal was struck. In February 1943. Mother Leila Maguire opened the doors of Loreto Convent, Doranda to the first pupils, a group of girls and boys. (Boys remained until St. Xavier’s opened in 1960).

Loreto Convent, Ranchi is a Catholic Institution under the management of The Ranchi Loreto Educational Society - represented by the Sisters of the Institute of Blessed Virgin Mary (Loreto Sisters). The School is recognized by the Education Department of the Government of Bihar and Jharkhand and affiliated to the Indian Council for Secondary Education (I.C.S.E., I.S.C.). Loreto Ranchi has completed more than 75 years in the educational service of the region. In order to understand the story of Loreto, Ranchi you must know a little about venerable Mary Ward, Foundress of the institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose Sisters, popularly known as ʻLoretoʼ sisters, manage the school.